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Jan 07 2015

I am opaque. Opacity.

I am a foggy mirror. I am darkened. I am cloudy.

Found behind a mask of contentment, is a spirit burdened with lies and resentment.

The truth robs me of any form of privacy. I’ll just keep the pain inside because I don’t like transparency. I will drown in turmoil because I won’t let anyone in.

But I want freedom.

I want to feel a strength that’s like a rushing wind. I want to know there is something greater than what I find within.

Instead I turn to people for joy, and people disappoint. People turn me to God, but I don’t see the point. They try to crack me like a nut, but I will not break.

I am opaque.

I want to understand God, but I don’t want Him to understand me.

I stand still like a weeping willow tree, I am tangled in my own branches. My leaves are covering my mouth and when I try to open up, I let out a silent scream.

The haze of clouded judgment from a heavy heart prevails. My chamber of secrets is locked and the ship of trust has sailed.

BEHOLD, a storm of glory!

The breath of God has blown a hole right through my solid trunk. I try to lift my roots to run but I’m frozen in awe of His beauty. My branches unravel, I am humbled at His feet. I reach out to Him and He takes my hand. He looks right through me, He knows me in ways I can never understand.

Redemption comes for the ones in chains once they embrace their freedom.

Now I stayed in shackles long enough, it’s apparent I don’t need them.

I am a river.

He is living water inside of me that surges through my veins. Clarity, the light in me.


He makes all things new. I finally want to be transparent.


Haley Mason


Take the time to consider these words. How powerful it is to be fully transparent. Anonymously consider…


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