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Hebrews 8

Dec 10 2014

Attrition of your Flesh

The Christian walk is one of attrition: will we endure? Similar to the Israelites in verse 9 of Hebrews 8, we can have the tendency to go back to our old lives of sin. What we must understand is that our faith must outweigh our flesh! When we feed the flesh and live in sin, the great deceiver works through our flesh and will lead us astray daily. Do not take lightly the sacrifice that has been made on our behalf during this season – have faith and endure.

Hebrews 7

Nov 25 2014

Jesus the Intercessor – The Order of Melchizedek

Reminder: The book of Hebrews is a rebuke and a letter of encouragement to welcome in the teachings of the new covenant. Through this lesson in Chapter 7, we finally get a look at the significance of the character Melchizedek in the Bible. He was the only Priest who was also King, and we learn there are parallels between his example and that with which Christ taught us to follow. This is a fascinating look at more Old Testament prophesies/shadows of what was to come!