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Romans 15:14-33

Dec 10 2014

The Bold, Ambitious Servant

We need goals that are bold in the Gospel: Individually, in families, and as a church. This is very similar to what Paul did so that once his life was complete, he had no one to praise for the journey other than God. How amazing it is to consider a life that you can boast of in Christ because everything that you consume and put out is from Him. It is easy for us to lose hope in such a life as this because there are minimal amount of people on this earth that exhibit such lives. If we completely trust in the Lord, there is no telling what kind of intentional and purposeful life we might live. Have faith and be a Bold, Ambitious Servant!!

Romans 15:1-13

Nov 20 2014

A Summation of Hope

This message is the beginning of the end of Paul’s letter. He gathers up a tidal wave of evidence to prove God’s promises are real. We are challenged to see God’s will as it is in eternity, as it was historically, and as it is in our current point in time. He never changes, yet living a life serving Him could not be more fascinating and dynamic.

Here is the link to the video watched in the beginning of the message.